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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is this opportunity all about?
    Steel Bond provides you the opportunity to become a part time employee of the company while working from your home and earn on the basis of your skills, efforts and time.

  2. How do I get Username and Password?
    You need to visit the home page of our website and click on register. After putting in details, User ID and password will be send to your registered email ID. You need to change your password after first login and memorize the same.

  3. Can anyone register himself on this site?
    Only those persons who have experience in detailing or have done their diploma courses in civil drafting or any BE/Diploma civil (completed) candidate can register himself

  4. I forgot my ID and Password, what can I do to access my CDS a/c?
    If you forgot password, put your ID and click on forgot password. If you forget your user ID first check your previous emails, or send email to support@steelbond.in from the email ID which was provided during registration. You will get details within 24 hours

  5. Can I check the task before accepting it?
    Yes, Once you are registered with us, you can login and check all the work available by downloading the file (Input Drawings). However if you wish to select any job you need to click on (Take Jobs) to officially start as per our records.

  6. Can I take 2 or more jobs at a time?
    You can take only 3 jobs if you are confident of completing them within the deadline. However, every delayed jobs and dropped jobs (job cancelled after taking it) will have penalties which will be adjusted against your other payment
  7. What are my benefits for completing a job?
    Every job displayed in the agenda will have a price displayed to complete the task in time. Upon completion of the work you will be eligible for the mentioned price. However you must click and Play and Finish button to become eligible for the same.

  8. When will I get my Payment?
    Payments are released every month on or before 7th (or any date we can mention) for the work done in the previous month. However payments will only be made if you have provided appropriate bank details and your minimum payable amount is Rs 1000.

  9. How will I get my Payment?
    Payment will be transferred online to your bank account.

  10. Is such payment system secure?
    Any payment on CDS is secured as it will be using encryption technique to secure your key data.

  11. Do I need to put in minimum fixed time every month?
    CDS gives you a complete flexibility to work during any time of the day, but you must submit the work before the deadline of the task. You need not commit to any minimum quantum of work to be finished

  12. Do I need to pay/deposit/invest any amount to get registered with Steel Bond?
    No, you need not invest a single rupee to get started with us. We do not ask for any money from our users for registering or working with us

  13. What if I am not able to deliver the work in the deadline?
    You will be reminded by our system as deadline nears. If you are not able to complete the work in time, deductions will be made on the basis of total delays and errors. List of deductions will be mentioned along with job

  14. Can I keep a Track of my work done
    Once you login, you can see your personal profile and account statement. In account statement you can see all the work done for any particular period. You can also update your personal details for any changes in Name, address, contact details or Bank details

  15. Will you provide the shape code list of reinforcement bars used to make Bar Bending Schedule.
    The Shape codes list will available in the following folder. Available Work?>Doc ?> WIP

  16. I am a new user, I received a demonstration project but I am unable to view or download the input files. Still I have not accepted the job, So kindly guide me how to view and download the input file and sample drawings. My Dead line is nearing.
    To view and download files, you should use a supporting browser (Mozilla / Chrome preferred) and should have a broadband speed. Also check the location where your system is downloading files.

  17. After I login in www.steelbond.in I dont have any work in available work.
    After registration, you need to complete the demo work first which will be assigned to you immediately after your first login. Based upon our assessment of quality of your demonstration work, you will be given work

  18. If my 1st job fails, will u debit money from my bank account?
    We will never take any money from your account. If you fail in a job, then the deduction for the same will be adjusted against your future work

  19. I am not able to get work even after demonstration work completion. Is there any more formalities, procedure or is it available at fixed time of the day?
    Based on the assessment of your output of demonstration work, new work will be given to you and Steel Bond is a 24x7 service portal. You can login and take job anytime during the day/night. However the jobs are taken on first come first serve basis.

  20. My queries not answered in RFI, I need some data to complete the project
    You cannot raise an RFI without taking the job. For more information on the project please have a chat with the admin

  21. Please send me User Id and password details
    Steel Bond has no access to your password and a system generated email will be sent to you on your registered email id with User ID and Password.

  22. I have neither received my User ID and password in inbox nor in spam folder.
    There might have been some issues with the registration process. Try again after some time. Even if the problem persists, kindly send your name and registered email id to support@steelbond.in

  23. Kindly update me regarding the working sequence, i am unable to find on the portal
    After registration and activation, you need to complete the demonstration work. Instructions regarding the job will be given along with the document

  24. There is a issue my profile, I am civil engineer and not a draft man and i am more comfortable in BBS, estimation & costing, Rate Analysis. Please assign the work according to the profile.
    Steel Bond is a portal only for Rebar Detailing which includes shop drawings in auto cad and BBS in Excel format. No other kind of job will be available irrespective of the associated person?s profile. However the complexities of Shop Drawings may vary according the needs of the project and candidate?s profile.

  25. Is Software provided for producing the drawings? Should I install Autocad in my computer?
    Steel Bond will not provide any tools (Autocad, RC Cad, ASD etc) related to drawings of the above jobs and will not pay/reimburse any expenditure incurred by you on acquiring such tools. You should have the authority to access the tools (Autocad, RC Cad, ASD etc) to be used for doing such job and Steel Bond will not be responsible for any unauthorised use by you.

  26. Please send me your contact number i am interested in this job.
    Details provided by us are so clear that you will not need any person to talk to. However, in case of any information, you can chat with us, send us and email on support@steelbond.in or raise RFI


   For any assistance, email at support@steelbond.in or Call at +91 9930796161 / +91 7506187452